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When will I be paid?

FlexOffers pays its publishers every month on net 60 terms. This means that commissions earned during the month of March (1st – 31st) are processed 60 days later on May 30. Payments will be issued on the 1st-7th of the following month (June 1-7, in our example).

You must also meet a payment threshold before payments are issued. To make changes to your payment method, please visit this link and follow the instructions.

Commissions may be reduced or withheld if the advertiser reduces or withholds payments from FlexOffers. This includes instances of advertisers sometimes paying only part of what publishers may believe they’ve earned in a pay period due to customer chargebacks, qualifying purchases, and other factors. Rest assured, once an advertiser issues any payment for orders made with your links, those commissions are then distributed to you. Complete details on such issues that can affect payment can be found in the FlexOffers Publisher Terms.

Where can I see when / how much I’ve been paid?

In order to see when you’ve been issued a payment and the total amount, first login to your account on publisherpro.flexoffers.com. Once in, navigate to the Reports > Account Balance page and scroll down to the Payment History section.

There, you’ll be able to see and sort your payment information, as well as export it to an Excel spreadsheet should you choose to do so:

If you still have questions, please email support@flexoffers.com with your name, website, account number, and inquiry – we’re happy to help!