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Why was my Publisher application declined?

When a user registers for a FlexOffers account, our team reviews the application to ensure the account is suitable for the FlexOffers network. This includes evaluating websites and other traffic sources that were submitted. Sometimes, we are unable to approve the traffic sources, and the account gets declined. The review process is complex, but here are some common reasons why that may happen. 

  • Unverified traffic sources: If we are unable to verify ownership of a traffic source, we cannot approve it. 
  • Underdeveloped traffic sources: If a traffic source seems to be under construction or otherwise incomplete, it cannot be approved. 
  • Content quality: Only traffic sources that provide valuable, original content can be approved. 
  • Inactive traffic sources: If a website or application is not live and accessible, our team will not be able to review and approve it. 
  • Adult content: Traffic sources that publish adult content are prohibited within our network. 
  • Illegal content: Traffic sources that violate legal requirements or the requirements of our advertisers may not be approved.
  • Unestablished traffic sources: Most advertisers prefer to work with established publishers. Traffic sources with low rankings may not be approved. 
  • Unauthorized branding: Traffic source URLs that contain advertiser branding or trademarks go against most advertisers’ terms of service and cannot be approved. 
  • Incorrect application: We work with publishers (affiliates) and advertisers (merchants). If an advertiser registers for a publisher account, the application will be declined, and they will be able to register for an advertiser account here

If your account was declined and you’d like to submit another traffic source, you may reapply here