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Is my traffic source suitable for FlexOffers? 

FlexOffers works with various types of traffic sources, including websites, social media pages, email lists, mobile applications and more. The review process is unique for each one, but the following questions may help you determine if your traffic source is suitable for the FlexOffers network. 

  • Are you able to verify ownership of your traffic source? 
    Only verified traffic sources may be approved in our network. 
  • Is your traffic source live and accessible? 
    Our team must be able to access and review your traffic source. 
  • If you have a website, does your website have good rankings? 
    Websites that have excellent traffic volume are more likely to appeal to our advertisers.
  • If your traffic source is not a website, does it have a large active audience?
    We look for traffic sources that have lots of real, engaged, and satisfied users or followers and a customer journey that's transparent to advertisers.
  • Does your traffic source produce high-quality content? 
    We want to partner with publishers who provide valuable and original content not found elsewhere.
  • If you produce content, do you update your content regularly? 
    Consistently producing new content indicates ample opportunity to showcase our advertisers.

If you think your traffic source could be a good fit, click here to register for an account.