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Does FlexOffers.com have a referral program?


The FlexCash program interface tracks your FlexCash bonuses, the number of approved Publishers you've referred, and even the revenue on which your bonuses are based- all in real time. Instantly know how big your bonus is each month, as well as who is earning you the most!

The process is simple: you can either use the Refer-a-Friend form to automatically send an email that will provide others with instructions for registering with FlexOffers.com (which will link back to your account), or you can send your tracking link (example only):


Once your referral registers, you will see them under the Status of Invites. You’ll see if they been approved or declined for the network, and when they registered. Unfortunately, we need to review all applicants to make sure they meet our minimum network requirements. When your referral is approved, you will be able to see your earnings through the Referral Revenue section. The more money your referral makes and the more referrals you bring on board, the more money you make! You can also make more money through our FlexCash referral program based on your monthly sales volume. In essence, the more money you make, the more you will earn on your referrals. We base the referral rate on your 90 days of average sales.

Additional information on our FlexCash referral program can be found on FlexOffers.com here.

Should you have any other questions, please email our team at support@flexoffers.com. Thank you for your interest in our network!