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Advanced Payments Services

What are Advanced Payments?

Our Advanced Payments services provide publishers with the ability to receive payments earlier than the bill due date (NET60).

Through this special option, our payment partner Tipalti will email publishers once each month and offer them the opportunity to receive their payments much earlier than the rest of our publishers, in exchange for a small fee (a percentage of their payment, depending on how early they wish to receive that payment). Publishers can accept the offer and get your money early or decline it and be paid normally per our standard Net60 terms. Tipalti will make the offer to publishers again each month, so they can opt in or out as they like.

What are the qualification requirements for Advanced Payments?

The qualifications for publishers to be eligible for Advanced Payments depends on a number of factors, such as, but not limited to, the history of payments made from FlexOffers.com to the publisher, percentage of chargebacks, concentration of advertiser accounts, accounts in overall good standing, and other variables. The qualification requirements are decided by FlexOffers.com, and only publishers in approved status for Advanced Payments will be able to participate in the Advanced Payments service.